Women, Health & VitaminsĀ is a comprehensive introduction to how women can use vitamins and supplements to tackle common female health issues. The course is video based and runs for 3 hours and 24 minutes.

It is delivered in video lessons and contains the following chapters:

1. Vitamins, Minerals & PMS (41:55)

2. Vitamins & Yeast Infections (8:11)

3. Vitamins & Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) (5:45)

4. Vitamins, Minerals & Migraines (9:52)

5. Vitamins, Minerals & "The Pill" (16:52)

6. Vitamins & Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) (3:32)

7. How to Get to Saturation of Vitamin C (19:44)

8. Vitamins & Endometriosis (9:29)

9. Vitamins, Minerals & Menopause (27:07)

10. Are Supplements Safe? (26:22)

11. What Form of Vitamins Do I Take? (10:08)

BONUS VIDEO: Vitamins, Minerals & Insomnia (25:52)

The course starts on September 28th and videos appear in the members area daily. In the week after the course you will be given the chance to ask questions on course material in a Q&A with Helen.

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