Why doesn’t your doctor use nutritional therapy? Is it for lack of safety? Because it’s not effective? Because it’s expensive? It happens to be none of these. Despite what you have been told, nutritional medicine is safe and effective. The evidence from nearly 80 years of research by orthomolecular physicians proves it: nutritional therapy works.

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It’s true: orthomolecular nutrition prevents and cures disease. This fact has been ignored by our current health care system, the media, and the medical literature. It’s time for a change.

In our family, vitamins and nutrition were the answers to our health problems, and more often, for the prevention of health issues. I was raised all the way into college without ever having taken a single antibiotic. Not one.

“Anyone who wishes to become familiar with orthomolecular medicine may do so by simply beginning with a whole-foods, sugar-free diet, and a few vitamins,” says Abram Hoffer, MD, PhD.

This is doable.

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